Access and bookmark the interface at: (updated link)

Keep track of buyouts here:

There's been a bit of radio silence but with good reason - we're getting acquired! The NFT space is booming and we are thrilled to join the effort to bring them (even further) into the mainstream.

The current NIFTEX platforms and channels will be sunset while we settle in at our new home. No token will be issued. Users will continue to be able to access their fractions via a community interface on IPFS.

Our deep gratitude goes out to everyone that believed in us, whether back in 2019 or now. Thanks for being part of the ride and hope to see you soon!

Note: since all centralized services will go offline no (buyout) notifications will be sent anymore. If you want to watch a specific asset you can use something like (enter ERC20 contract address, select paused, select preferred noti - thanks dw) OR if you're more technical use the subgraphs for v1 and v2:
- v1:
- v2:


  • Are my Shards safe?
    Yes. The smart contracts are not affected. The core of NIFTEX is decentralized.
  • Can we continue using the site?
    You can continue using the site via IPFS: Make sure to bookmark it. .org and .com will go offline.
  • What changes can we expect?
    Nothing changes except the URL and the creation of new fractions is disabled.
  • Who are the acquirers and what are their plans?
    We can't share that at the moment. The existing platform is not part of the plans.