The pioneers of fractional ownership for NFTs are back with more.

We are happy to announce that a brand-new version of NIFTEX is set to be released in the coming weeks. NIFTEX v2 will not only massively improve on the successful proof of concept (1, 2, 3) we launched last year but also continue pushing the boundaries of Immutable Fractional Ownership.

Sneak Peak (non-exhaustive)

  • New website - built with a focus on UX, presentation and education
  • Modular sales, buyouts and bundles - powerful new tooling to interact with fractions
  • Pioneering NFT Governance - preserve intrinsic value and work with other shardholders to make use of on-chain rights conferred by NFTs: building on virtual land, setting a layer on Async.Art, managing an ENS domain name, etc...
  • Pioneering trade fee royalties - NFT artists can now earn every time a fraction of an artwork is traded
  • All NFT implementations supported: ERC721, ERC1155, semi-implementations, custom implementations...
  • Gas costs significantly lowered across the board
  • No more logins, no more approvals - instantly fractionalize NFTs
  • Open Source - we want to build this ecosystem and push NFT fractions together with you!

Community Ownership

Over time our vision of NIFTEX has evolved from a centralized business to a core component of the NFT stack and an on-chain service that should be available to all. The benefits of fractionalization are undeniable and manifold, and we are convinced it will be a pillar of the NFT space in the future, through NIFTEX and the work of others. Establishing and evangelizing for fractionalization has become our core mission at NIFTEX.

The only control structure that fits such a vision is community ownership. NIFTEX v2 lays the foundation for management of its fractionalization protocol by a DAO-like entity, and we will be actively pursuing this direction in the coming months. This includes membership of the DAO enforced through a token, which is planned to be distributed based on users' interactions with NIFTEX (creating, trading, LPs, community engagement) up to a point in the near future.


Next Steps

Our new smart contracts are set to be audited in early February, and will be subject to an open bounty period after. Meanwhile the team will do a closed alpha to battle-test the full platform. If you're interested in using v2 or building on it, get in touch!

The Future is Fractional

We're extremely excited and hope you'll join us at the frontier of Immutable Fractional Ownership - find us on Discord, Twitter or for more in-depth discussion the newly created forums.

We would like to thank Deep Work, Hadrien Courbois, Robert Koschig, our backers and of course the NFT community for their invaluable help in building v2.