Hi kyloren! Tell us a bit about yourself and your adventures in the NFT space.

I started off by researching Ethereum and that’s how I came to know about Crypto Kitties. While looking into that, I found out about NBA Top Shot and applied for their beta. Since then NBA Top Shot and NFTs have blown up. Being an artist myself, I also got into collecting digital art NFTs, and avatar NFTs. Apes looked great so I aped into them :)

Are you a collector in real life? If so, what do you collect and why?

I used to collect currency notes and coins when I was a kid. I also get sentimentally attached to a lot of stuff that I have in real life so yeah you can call me a collector. More like a hoarder haha!

Hoarders are in a good position to become true crypto apes! What is $APED? Can you tell us more about what is in the bundle and why you chose to fractionalize with NIFTEX?

49 of the rarest and most baddest apes and a fem Crypto Punk. There’s a lot more than meets the eye though. I had used NIFTEX previously for shards of a zombie punk, so I thought I would try it out for my first bundle!

If you don't have Bored Apes in your NFT portfolio consider taking part in the $APED DAO Launch and become a (Bored) Ape: https://www.niftex.org/asset/detail/0xfa898efdb91e35bd311c45b9b955f742b6719aa2

Rare Bored apes that you can find in the $APED bundle.

What are your plans for  $APED? Are you planning to make use of the governance tools of NIFTEX? If so what would you like to achieve by leveraging the DAO powers?

We plan to make $APED holders, DAO holders too. I will definitely check out the NIFTEX solution and whether it would best suit the needs of the ape community :)

You’re leaping into the future by 200 years. You can only take one NFT with you, the one you think will be worth the most - which NFT do you choose and why?

Since the DAO will own all my apes now, I won’t be able to take it. So if I were to choose just one, it would probably be my #24 LBJ HOLO Legendary from series 1 of Top Shot that is limited to only 32 minutes. Super rare and Kobe Jersey.

#24 LBJ HOLO, Legendary, Series 1, NBA TopShot

What kind of character NFT would you become and in which immutable world would you live?

A curious ape living in the metaverse always on the lookout for cutting-edge tech and beautiful art. That would be me.

Thanks kyloren! If you’d like to know more about kyloren and his crypto life, make sure to follow him on twitter: https://twitter.com/Kyloren_NFT

Fractioneers is a series exploring the vast spectrum of NFTs and fractions, so stay tuned for more! 🧩