Lova (@shestovs) is fractionalizing a prime Decentraland estate with the goal of making it the most liquid fraction market on NIFTEX.

Location of the $APE Estate. More details here

What was your first NFT? How did you get into the NFT space?

The first time when I got into NFT space was during the CryptoKitties FOMO in December 2017. Everyone in the cryptospace spoke about it - I got engaged and decided to check out Kitties by myself. I spent a few days selling and breeding some low-tier cats. That was fun. I started to dig into the NFT721 token standard and find projects that build on it. That's how I found Decentraland - this is the project that attracted (and still attracts) me the most. Without thinking twice I joined the first DCL Land auction.

What interests you in fractions and how do you see fractions used in the future?

IMO, NFT fractions represented in the form of ERC20 tokens - is a very useful tool. It provides the fungibility and instant liquidity to any blockchain collectible. I like to think about NFTs as a gold (each NFT, without a doubt, has its internal value), and fractions can be interpreted as money, backed by this "gold". There will be numerous use cases for sharded NFTs - that's the R&D area for the NIFTEX team and community.

Tell us a bit more about the fractions you’re launching on NIFTEX.

I'm preparing the launch for ✨ Another Prime Estate ✨. This is a 2-land estate located in the north of Decentraland, near The Forest and Yoga Center districts. 100% of ETH raised from this sale will be sent for APE token liquidity provision. I will make and maintain this launch as the most liquid at the NIFTEX platform. If you are interested to participate in the APE launch - reserve your slots using this form https://forms.gle/8XX4wY1YAWcerpSh9.

What rare NFT would you want to own a fraction of and why?

The first NFT I thought was some high-tier CryptoPunk. But, recently, NIFTEX gave away the fraction of 12k USD worth Punk in the Twitter - and I won one! Still can't believe in this luck :D

Any features you’re missing on NIFTEX?

There are many major features I would like to see at Niftex, like Shards Ownership Explorer (where I can see the list of owners for each launch), or DAO function (to unlock the usability of sharded NFTs). I wish the NIFTEX team to follow their vision, hearing the community. Tokenized digital collectibles is a market with x1000 potential (not financial advice).

Thanks for hanging out with us, Lova! Join Lova and many other collectors in creating & trading NFT fractions on NIFTEX.com. The future is fractional!