By putting power back into the hands of artists and increasing collectors' awareness, NFTs are heralding modern patronage, bringing creators and collectors closer than ever.

Today, we're excited to share our interview with NFT collector and accidental investor, Musho, who is building R64X, a fractionalized art gallery, on top of the NIFTEX Protocol. Musho's ambition is to empower artists by creating an ever-growing bundle of the best examples of blockchain art from top artists around the world.

R64X — Cryptogalerie Extraordinaire
Collection of extraordinary artists and their NFT beginnings.

Hi Musho! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your adventures in the NFT space?

I went from NFT hater to NFT collector within a week or so. Everything changed when I saw an artist I had been following for years minted their first NFT. I’m still not sold on the provenance as it is being presented, it is still the part requiring trust in otherwise trustless systems, but I’m very bullish on the artist payday. If a huge sun flare arrives tomorrow and everything goes to zero, but artists get paid, it’s all fine by me.

Are you a collector in real life? If so, what do you collect and why?

Not really, don’t like the physical clutter. Before NFTs I was collecting games on my Steam account that I rarely have time to play.

This space is sometimes wild and even bizarre. What is the weirdest/wildest NFT application you’ve come across?

NFT of a real brain scan, or people offering some tattoo spots on their body (Hello MRNFT).

What is $R64X and why did you choose to fractionalize with NIFTEX?

R64X was originally just a personal NFT art collection. I felt like the artworks were missing more context and artists often have to shill their work to random people on twitter, so I added a digital gallery to give more spotlight to artists I’ve collected.

I’m not a crypto whale, so eventually I ran out of ETH and had two options: just save the collection for my kids or pool some more ETH together with some other people and keep growing the collection even further. I asked people around me and found some family, friends, and fools willing to join me.

We were exploring multiple platforms for fractionalization and picked NIFTEX because they trigger artist royalties every time a fraction is traded and they just finished public beta testing of their V2 platform.

What are your plans for $R64X?

We were able to raise more ETH, so we will continue to discover and support more artists. Our not-so-secret evil plan is to create a mini index fund covering NFT digital art. This way we could help bring more new ETH to the digital art community from investors by offering them a more diversified bet on the NFT art. We often see artists who just made a sale and immediately go to support other artists. This is so kind & amazing, but we hope eventually there will be enough external ETH to fully support the artists and we can’t wait to see what they’re going to create.

Thanks Musho! If you’d like to know more about Musho and his projects, make sure to follow him on twitter:

We're aiming to turn Fractioneers into a series exploring the vast spectrum of NFTs and fractions, so stay tuned for more! 🧩