Miski みすき <> NIFTEX interview

Recently, NIFTEX was part of the jury for a month-long art competition organized by @CloudWhiteNFT. The competition was a big success - many applications were received, and the level of submitted works was very high. We want to thank everyone who took part in the contest. The winners have been selected, and their prizes have been distributed.

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First place went to Miski for his work "L⟳ading Screen ..." which you can find here on OpenSea.

We interviewed Miski, who became famous by creating commissioned artworks for Axie owners and scholarships.

  • Hi, Miski みすき! You are one of Axie Infinity's most famous community artists. You’ve done lots of commissions and have many fans - congrats! Recently you also won a contest organized by CloudWhite in partnership with NIFTEX. It definitely seems like you’ve found your place in the metaverse. But all stories start somewhere, so can you tell us a bit about yourself and your adventures in the NFT space, how and when this all started?

Answer: My story started when I found Axie in a Facebook AD with my Friend Epcros. We started to play Axie together. I was on his scholarship until I bought my own account (3 axies). My artistic career as a creator for NTF projects started when Indes (Pro Axie player) saw the drawings that I made for Epcros. After his shoutout, I started to get a lot of commissions from Axie players :

  • Recently brand new NFT projects have emerged on a massive scale. When you approach a new NFT project what is your evaluation process? What is your opinion about the current NFT space in general?

Answer: To be honest, I am a rookie, my first digital drawing was made 3 months ago but when I see a new NFT my first impression is always most important to me. I search for my own, personalized style for every artist. I like to search for details, and secrets like a hidden signature, etc so any bonuses like that in the artworks are appealing to me. I am really happy about the NTF universe, it is an awesome way to add more value to all artists all over the world.

  • You are a successful NFT artist. How did you become one? How can new artists follow in your footsteps? What is he most important thing that new collectors and new NFT artists need to acknowledge before they enter the metaverse?

Answer: Step 1: Create for the fact of creation, not to sell.
Step 2: Don’t be greedy, your customers will tell your value indirectly.
Step 3: Help the other artists. Retweet their art pieces. Other artists will teach you a lot of things.
Step 4: Be your own critic. Search your own problems in your own pieces.
Step 5: When you finish a piece, ask yourself if you would be happy with it hanging on your wall.

  • What is your NFT dream? Maybe you want to own a Mystic Axies or maybe you dream about partnering with another artist. What are you still looking to achieve?

Answer:  To be honest, I am a pretty depressed person, I just want to see my Japanese friends again when I come back to Tokyo next year and enjoy my real life a bit. I like my pieces, I like drawing, but I am always sad because digital drawing still extremely difficult for me. Another thing is that I can't finish my waiting list of customers and see everyone happy. I know that are a lot of people waiting and they always think that I forgot them which is not true, I just have a lot of commissions these days.

I think I don’t want a Mystic, but I have a dream about the Crypto universe. I would like to have a private scholarship that I rent nice teams to my close friends that always played games with me before Axie so I pass my whole days talking and teaching them while I draw. That would be perfect for me. I really want to play Project Lands (Axie Infinity land gameplay) with my Scholars, Epcros, FedPed from Lev0x team, Reths, and Ro-sendo, also I want to translate Axie to Japanese when the V2 be launched and I want to draw all the Agamogenesis Axies, I already did Hauteclere and Almace so the last one that I would like to remake is Durendal owned by SBD. I am a really simple person, I don’t like to be a "famous NFT artist" but I like to see my pieces around the internet hahaha.

  • Thank you for your inspiring words Miski, and congratulations again!