News Roundup

NIFTEX has acquired and created fungible fractions out of an $11,000+ USD CryptoPunk. Fewer than 1% of CryptoPunks are of the zombie type, with a current price floor of more than $13,000 USD per zombie.

Punk #7458 now consists of 1000 "ZOMB" ERC20s. 

As Ethereum's pioneering non-fungible assets, rare Punks make for excellent antiques to create fungible ERC20s from; a fully smart-contract based process designed by NIFTEX with the aim of improving NFT market liquidity along with a host of other benefits detailed here.

Fractions aka "Shards" can be bought at a fixed price of 0.056 per Shard for a period of two weeks. If this period expires or all Shards are sold, the creator receives the ETH contributed and the Shards will go live for trading on Uniswap and an OpenSea storefront. Users can create or buy fractions and keep track of their assets and live NFT valuations in the dashboard. A special buyout clause attached to the ERC20-compliant Shards ensures the NFT can be recovered if any party wishes so.

The "Antique Zombie" Shards created from CryptoPunk #7458 will trade under the ticker $ZOMB. Click here to see them in action!

Also happening on NIFTEX:

Noted Cryptoartist XCOPY Launches $DED

NIFTEX is thrilled to host the Launch of The Other Deadness ($DED), fractions of a new work by noted NFT artist XCOPY.

Fractions make more sense than multiple editions of the same artwork, commented XCOPY in our Q&A with him.

The Other Deadness ($DED) by XCOPY

Support for all ERC721s & CryptoPunks

NIFTEX now supports any ERC721 token or CryptoPunk. Just copy-paste the url from an OpenSea asset page and you're ready to launch fractions!

"Royalty Fractions" in Development

As part of our efforts to support the blockchain community, we will be reserving a percentage of created fractions for producers of artwork NFTs, to be launched soon.

Fraction Markets

Both Uniswap Pools and OpenSea Storefronts (using order books) are currently being tested as fraction trading venues. Help us provide liquidity if you own fractions already!

Thanks for joining us! Find us and many other collectors creating & trading NFT fractions on The future... is fractional!