A brand-new version of NIFTEX is live on the Ethereum mainnet. NIFTEX v2 massively improves the successful proof of concept (1, 2, 3) we launched last year and continues to push the boundaries of Immutable Fractional Ownership with a new set of features.

To celebrate this new chapter of the world's first NFT fractionalization platform we are bootstrapping an informal Incubation Program for users interested in experimenting as well as launching special Mining Rewards for the first 10 high-value fractionalizations on V2.

🚀 Going Live

Creating fractions for your NFTs is a breeze - check out niftex.org/create to get started! The NIFTEX NFT fractionalization protocol is modular and expandable. It supports all token standards (even ERC20s 👀) and accommodates any type of (bundles of) NFT(s), whether art, gaming, or utility.

More info on NIFTEX v2

To celebrate the launch we’ve teamed up with @R64X_com for a very special bundle currently valued at more than $500,000. R64X is a publicly-owned NFT art gallery curating, collecting, and documenting extraordinary artists entering the crypto space. R64X is using NIFTEX’s NFT governance to introduce new ways of collecting, curating and owning blockchain art.

🖼 Check out and trade the $R64X bundle here

🔍 For those who want to dive even further into the details of NIFTEX Protocol, check out documentation.

🧬 Incubation Program

To empower experimentation with NFT fractions we are starting an informal Incubation Program. Anyone is welcome and can count on close assistance from the team if they have a solid idea to use fractions of NFTs. Get in touch on Discord to know more (join)!

🎁 Special Mining Rewards

To celebrate and bootstrap some fireworks, we're giving away 0.1% (0.01% per project) of the total supply of the upcoming NIFTEX Governance Token to fractionalizations that meet the following requirements:

  • >= 50 ETH valuation.
  • Successful fixed-price sale with at least 30% of fractions sold.

If you're fractionalizing one or more NFTs and want to get Mining Rewards, give us a heads up in Discord!