Creators and their stories are a core part of what makes NFT space so special. NIFTEX is sitting down with power users to educate and inspire on what NFTs and NFT fractions can do.

Today, we're excited to share our interview with one of the NFT OGs, Reneil, who is currently launching fractions of his Rolling Stones NFT $RSTN. Reneil has been a part of the NFT community since the DCL land sale in 2017, and in this conversation we’ll discover his past and vision for the future of the NFT space.

Hi Reneil! Tell us a bit about yourself and your adventures in the NFT space.

My journey with NFTs started in fall 2017 when the Decentraland Genesis auction was announced. It was the first sale in which I participated and from there I tried to use, understand and analyze almost any NFT project that emerged in the following 2 years. When using web3 for the first time, I had the same gut feeling that I had when I first logged into the internet. I instantly realized this was special and knew I had to position myself and our devshop Qwellcode strategically in this space while spending almost all of my energy learning about dapps and NFTs.

Are you a collector in real life? If so, what do you collect and why?

My first physical collection was the original Pokemon Panini sticker album but besides that I never collected physical stuff in real life. On the contrary - I've been obsessed with digital collections in games. Again it was Pokemon where I captured all 151 in the red edition on the Gameboy.

As I grew older I've spent tons of time in games like Diablo, WoW, Path of Exile, etc. where the hunter and gatherer aspects are important facets of the game. This helped me to understand scarcity and rarities in the NFT space right from the start and gave me a huge advantage.

Say you’re time traveling 200 years ahead... you can only take one NFT with you, the one you think will be most valuable. Which NFT do you choose and why?

I'd probably go for something that comes with a rarity distribution that is easy to understand. It also needs to be something that can sustain time and taste. I'd probably go with my Utopia #170 which has been published on Artblocks by ge1doot and is stored entirely on Ethereum. He tokenized the first 3D generative art project on the platform and Utopia was his second drop.

It's the only pyramid shape in a black environment. People were into pyramids thousands of years ago and chances are good that they will like these mathematical shapes in 200 years. This combined with the programmable rarity / trait distribution might be a good bet:

What type of NFT character would you become and in which immutable world would you live?

I've been into virtual reality for many years and support the idea of an open metaverse. So I don't believe there will be a single immutable world but many interconnected ones that will be more or less immutable depending on their individual tech stacks. My friend Jin from the Webaverse team published a great article last weekend:

With that in mind, the avatar and it's degree of interoperability is most important to me. I've started my first experiments around the very versatile VRM format that Cryptoavatars are tokenizing. The uniquely tokenized avatar datasets are stored on IPFS and include related licences for content creation and redistribution.

Nature was my first pick but I've already given her out of my own hands into a crew that aims to make something bigger out of this tokenized identity. Nature has her own cryptoart gallery in Somnium Space and ETH-MEN created an action figure of her. It's super exciting but nothing that I can pull off alone.

To answer your initial question: I'll probably tokenize an evolution of the Cryptopunk that I'm already using as my profile picture via Cryptoavatars to enter the metaverse as Reneil.

What is $RSTN and why did you choose to fractionalize with NIFTEX?

I've been in touch with the NIFTEX team for a while and used earlier versions of the product. The idea to fractionalize assets has been around in the NFT space for a while and NIFTEX was the first product that was on my personal radar in that area.

It takes time to filter out the real, dedicated teams in the NFT space and NIFTEX is definitely one of those. It's about channeling energy and attention into these projects and their philosophies which is why I chose NIFTEX v2 for $RSTN.

First tokenized photograph of the Rolling Stones. 

What are your plans for $RSTN?

I'll probably involve the token in the ecosystem that the Nature crew is building. Starting with permissioned Discord channels where it will be possible to brainstorm ideas together with the token holders. I'm well connected in the NFT space and can establish relations into other communities and build concrete utility layers or complement events with the crew.

The space is still young and as I see the long term value in the first tokenized photograph of the legendary Rolling Stones, it's too early to lay out concrete long term plans.

Thanks Reneil! If you’d like to know more about Reneil and his projects, make sure to follow him on twitter:

We're aiming to turn Fractioneers into a series exploring the vast spectrum of NFTs and fractions, so stay tuned for more! 🧩