We are proud to announce that NIFTEX v2 is live on Rinkeby for public testing at alpha.niftex.org. Our triple audit with Solidified has also been completed, with no major issues found. The audit is followed by an ongoing bounty program rewarding up to $10,000 for disclosures.

Rinkeby Testnet

A nearly complete version of the new NIFTEX can be found at alpha.niftex.org. We are looking to test anything on the website ranging from browser wallet functionality to the full lifecycle of fractions, including NFT governance (new!) and buyouts (improved!). Anyone is welcome to test, and you can get a special role in our Discord to get rewarded for your help (ping us).

You will need Rinkeby ether to do transactions - there is a faucet here.

Documentation is also available at docs.niftex.org, and a new forum to discuss all sides of fractions at forum.niftex.org. Documentation is a work in progress and feedback for it is also very welcome.

More detailed info on testing can be found in the #v2-testnet channel in Discord. You need the "v2 alpha" role to participate.

Team News

We're thrilled to welcome Kam (@3xhuman) to the team as Core Business Manager!

Kam started blogging about blockchains in 2012 and spends most of his time at the intersection of the blockchain gaming market and DeFi. Professionally, he has worked in the cryptocurrency market as consultant and trader for years and picked up NFTs in 2017 with the launch of Decentraland.

He is a well-known long-time member of the Axie Infinity community and has a background in Media and PR. Kam will be shaping NIFTEX's marketing and business development strategy - if you've got ideas don't hesitate to get in touch with him!

Smart Contract Audit and Bounties

Solidified has put our new contracts through a thorough auditing process with three independent auditors. The report can be found in the public repo for the v2 smart contracts. In short, no critical or major issues were found, and the two minor issues have been fixed already.

Since these contracts will custody both valuable (bundles of) NFTs and fractions, we want to continue making sure that our contracts conform to the highest standards. As such we are hereby launching an ongoing bounty program detailed here.

That's it for now! Looking forward to seeing all v2 phrackers on Testnet!